About Raw Feeding

Raw feeding, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF), is the practice of feeding raw meat, bones and offal to your dog. A raw diet is closer to what a dog would eat in the wild and therefore a more natural way of feeding your dog, as opposed to kibbles that are heavily processed with additives and preservatives to ensure it stays fresh.

Switching to a raw diet comes with an array of benefits, both for your dog and you! Stools will be come smaller and better formed; your dog's coat will become shinier and glossier; they will become less hyper without losing any of their sparkling personality; upset tummies will be less often and most importantly - they will be healthier and happier! 

Making the move to Raw can be daunting for those who may not be familar with it, so we've put together a few tips for making the switch....

Raw Feeding Tips

Watch Out For...

There are a few things to watch our for when switching to a raw diet, including: Remember: nobody knows your dog better than you! Any advice you see on the internet is exactly that - advice - and what works for other dogs may not work for yours (and vice versa). Guidelines and advice on the internet such as this is a great place to start but if something doesn't seem to work for you or your dog, don't be afraid to adjust! In the short term, raw feeding can seem like a big jump but once you get into the swing of it, the long term benefits are definitely worth it!

Looking for more information? We recommend checking out Raw Feeding Rebels, a great resource for new and old raw feeders alike. They have plenty of articles and information on all aspects of the raw diet.

Ready to get started? Check out our raw food range. If you're not ready to take the leap - don't worry! We also sell dry food.