Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are temporarily halting online orders. Please text your order to 07947630658 and we will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery. For more information, please check our dedicated Coronavirus page.

Raw Food

Feeding your dog raw food gives them a diet closest to what they may have in the wild, making it one of the most natural ways to feed them while still providing them all the nutrients they need. Our range at Southport Raw Feeding is one of the largest in our area, ensuring you have the best choice of the freshest, tastiest raw meals that your furry friend will love!

Please note: while we strive to have our full range at all times, we are a small, independently-run business and brick-and-mortar shop, so there may be times where our stock levels differ to what is listed. On occasions where we don't have a product that has been ordered, appropriate alternatives will be sent instead. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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